Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Doing a lot, doing nothing

So, I am sitting on the couch watching a Shrek Christmas special while d-man is at the gym and the girls are asleep. I have about 20 minutes until the little one needs to eat again.  So, it's nice but what have I actually been doing? I haven't really talked to anyone. I finally hung out with a couple of friends last week but haven't really called anyone so I hope they assume that I'm okay.

So, I am, too, even though I'm pretty tired. I did spend part of today with baby A at the doctor dealing with her skin issues.  D-man and I have dry skin and the poor kid seems to have it and then some.  Anyway, things have been moving right along.  Thankfully baby A has been in daycare so I can focus on baby M and try TRY to get even minimal things done around the house.  I hit the same time suck as last time, attempting to increase my milk supply.  So baby was again skinny, although we noticed earlier this time and didn't wait around before giving her food.  The nurse told us to if no wet diaper on the day we left the hospital. We had no problem doing so this time and I still though that I was going to get milk in. I mean everything else was going as it should and we got pregnant the normal way.  However, as much as things got better, I guess I still have my hormonal issues.  This time, though I didn't get as upset, I got on it, with the same protocol.  I accepted that this may or may not work.  I started doing the same ritual every two to three hours- nurse, bottle, pump.  This takes over an hour so it's completely exhausting. Once the realization set in that I was not pumping more than an ounce each time, d-man and I decided to limit it. The doctor said to try to nurse and then bottle feed. We dropped he pumping.  It's working.  She's getting something, I'm keeping my sanity, and we will do it for at least six weeks or until there isn't anything left.

As for everything else, I'm getting there--way slower than last time, I think.  The fact that it hurt to really walk for like two weeks set the tone.  Thankfully I haven't gained the weight I lost by having the baby, though I don't know how not.....I still don't fit into anything. Damn.

Ok, baby's got to eat......

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